Getting to the HEARTS of Teaching by Dr. Casey Jakubowski

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Society needs the humanities and arts! In this user-friendly book, with easy-to-implement lesson suggestions, Casey Jakubowski, PhD, gives teachers a reason to embrace teaching interdisciplinary works he calls "HEARTS." In the chapters of Humanities, Education, Arts, Reflection, Technology, and Science, this book provides a brief introduction to disciplinary content that many teachers are asked to know in order to effectively prepare students for the future. While STE(A)M often centers on the sciences and technology, this book places the humanities at the core—reflecting society's need to reaffirm the human side of life. Each chapter contains "Thought Breaks," or moments of reflection, for the reader to interact with the information in a dynamic and creative way. This is Casey's third book with Edumatch Publishing. Check out Thinking About Teaching and A Cog in the Machine!