Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative: Amplifying Instructional Design by Dr. Matthew Rhoads and Becky Lim

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Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative is a book series about integrating instructional strategies with EdTech tools to amplify learning written and compiled by educators throughout the world. Compiled and edited by two EdTech experts, innovators, and coaches, Matthew Rhoads and Becky Lim recruited K-16 educators from across the world to write a chapter on their area of expertise in integrating instructional strategies with EdTech tools to amplify their instruction and student learning.

Within the first book of the series of four books, Amplifying Instructional Design covers an assortment of engagement, collaboration, assessment, and feedback strategies integrated with EdTech for any classroom setting. By reading through each of these strategies and EdTech integrations, you will have a toolkit and repository of strategies that you can use to create any type of lesson within any classroom setting. Amplify your student learning and instruction by taking these practical and applicable strategies and integrations into the classroom and school by tried and true integrations from educators across the world.