Journey to Belonging by Dr. Ilene Winokur

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Reflecting on life is important, but what if it leads to discovering your sense of belonging? Dr. Ilene Winokur discovered a sense of belonging by sharing her story about life in two very different places she calls home: Buffalo, NY, and Yarmouk, Kuwait. Friends and family were curious about how she adjusted to life in two different cultures. Dr. Winokur realized that belonging was the common theme and her journey guided her to make connections between belonging, learning, and improving our well-being.

Journey to Belonging: Pathways to Well-Being is filled with self-reflection and the author’s discovery about different stages of belonging (self, personal, and professional) that can influence how educators approach teaching and learning. Dr. Winokur's research-based explanations about belonging and well-being include why our highest goal is to leave a legacy and a better future for all.

Journey to Belonging will help you define YOUR sense of belonging by answering:

  • What is self-belonging and why do we all need it?
  • Why is personal belonging an essential element of learning?
  • How can educators find their sense of professional belonging?
  • What does it mean to become a “good ancestor”?

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