Kwamee & Mattoo: Mystical Adventure to St. Croix by Laila Eakins and SJ Eakins

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Kwamee & Mattoo are not your average kids. Come on this journey with them as they explore St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Who knows whats perils they will face with their trusty cheetah, Speedy Rose, and their knack for adventure. The pair delights in traveling throughout the world while their parents are asleep. These curious kids embrace science and technology as they solve mysteries at each destination, often visiting universities and other landmarks in an area.


Kwamee & Mattoo are a reflection of the authors. SJ Eakins is a 7-year-old Minecraft player with more than 4 years of experience with the gaming system. And Laila Eakins is 10-years-old, also an avid Minecraft player. When the two are not playing Minecraft, they enjoy traveling and reading books by the fireplace.