L.E.A.D. from Day One by Ryan McHale

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Anyone working within the confines of a school can be a leader. It doesn’t matter if you’re a baby-faced, brand new educator fresh out of college or a seasoned veteran who’s only a couple of years away from a well-deserved siesta on a gorgeous beach far from the nearest classroom. YOU can be a teacher leader!

LEAD from Day One is a go-to resource to help educators outline a future plan toward becoming a teacher leader. The purpose of this book is to help you see just how easily you can transform your entire mindset to become the leader your students need you to be. So what are you waiting for? The time is now.


  • It’s time to immerse yourself in learning.
  • It’s time to engage stakeholders.
  • It’s time to avoid common pitfalls of teaching.
  • It’s time to deliver upon the responsibilities of today’s classroom teacher.

Forget about simply surviving the school year. It’s time to believe that you’ll find yourself thriving in the classroom.
You deserve it…
…And so do your students.