Stanley and the Very Messy Desk by Carrie Baughcum

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Stanley and The Very Messy Desk joins Stanley, a fuzzy, fluffy, 3 inch, silly, and curious hamster on his adventure into a classroom. Stanley the Hamster loves to read, learn math, draw, use his imagination.... learning makes Stanley squeal!! One day Stanley finds himself in a classroom with a very messy desk. Scampering over to the desk he can't wait to see what was in it. Looking up at the messy desk Stanley sweaks, "Messy desks are just like sketchnotes!"

Grab your lucky pencil and your favorite paper. Then, join Stanley the Hamster for some paws on, create to connect fun! As you learn how to: PICK the topic for your sketchnote, FILL your paper with words from your learning, DOODLE to improve your thinking, and COLOR to strengthen your connections during a sketchnoting adventure that you can start today and use tomorrow!