The Art of Inspiration by Jerry Toups, Jr.

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The Art of Inspiration is a personal manifesto based on Mr. Toups’s three-plus decade career on how teachers can use non-verbal communication to inspire their students to BELIEVE they can succeed. This inspiration is the keystone to relationship building and is the genesis of growth mindset, the two items that are driving education on all levels across the United States. In 1990, Mr. Toups made his first classroom rule, “Always Believe in Yourself.” Since then, he has seen this rule, coupled with “The Art of Inspiration,” change the lives of his students for the better. The inspirational techniques in this book also teach students Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills and have a powerful impact on the student’s level in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Students who are inspired to “Always Believe” may, later on as adults, approach and obtain self-actualization, which is perhaps the greatest lesson that can ever be taught to students. Mr. Toups’s career is a testimony to the power of the message of this book